B.O.R.E.D. / Thailand

Bangkok Portraits The merge of Thai local portraits and modern illustration. Thai People, Thai occupations, Thai appearances, Thai occurrences, are translated through contemporary comic style.

Bangkok Consumerism The merge of the habits of people from Bangkok and consumer goods.

Theory of Buddhism The merge of Buddhist icons of Lotus and Thai animals (from Thai literature). The circle of life is an essential part of Asian beliefs, which is related to all beings.

Oriental Unity The merge of Asian elements, i.e. Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Mystical Asian animal gods (elephant, lion, dragon, crab, etc.) symbolize each element. The War of animal gods triggered natural disasters and uncertainty on earth. The balanced world, following the concept of Yin-Yang, would eventually be achieved when two opposing forces merge.

Bangkok Footprints The merge of Bangkok modernism with Bangkok’s chaotic street culture. Bangkok, one of the most energetic and chaotic cities in Asia, has been shaped purely by its people and their daily activities. Modern transportation devices from slippers, shoes, motorcycles, taxies or trucks have become Bangkok’s new exotic icons, which also signify the city’s high energy level.

Bangkok Knockout The merge of Thai martial art with modern graphic elements. Thai Boxing or ‘Muay Thai’ is definitely well known among the foreigners. The merging of this famous Thai symbol with a modern graphic treatment creates a new blend of Bangkok culture.

Bangkok Street Culture