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ID for Tiger Translate 2007
ID for Tiger Translate 2007
Vintage Tiger
Tiger Beer early advertisements
Vintage Tiger
Tiger Beer early advertisements

Despite our humble beginnings in Singapore 75 years ago, our passion was always to brew a world class beer that refreshed mentally, physically & emotionally. When that happened, we believed the full potential of our drinkers could be unleashed - giving them an opportunity to shine brighter on the world stage.

Decades later, our passion continues to be realized, as the multi-award winning Tiger Beer is not only one of Asia's well-known and loved brands, but is winning the wider world over as well.

Moving forward, we wish to provide the confidence, forum and spark (that bit of encouragement) that can help others in Asia express and act on their deeply held passions, in the hope that one day, they too can be world acclaimed.


Now in its second year, Tiger Translate is a platform which enables emerging Asian artists within the fields of art, design, film, photography and music to venture onto the world stage. Tiger Translate has worked with the likes of Phunk Studio, Faile, Rostarr and many more rising Asian stars. Creating events in Dublin, Shanghai and Auckland last year proved to be a solid foundation to move into another year of creative enlightenment and entertainment.

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