MERGE Why Merge?

In today's world of shrinking borders and disappearing boundaries, the East and West are merging. Tiger Beer is a contemporary Asian brand and through Tiger Translate, Tiger is bringing the best of Asia to the World. With a combination of classic qualities and modern attributes, Tiger combines the best of East and West to be regarded as unmistakably World class. Artists are requested to visualise 'merge' in their modern Asian context.

Anthony Chong Anthony Chong Anthony Chong

A fusion of cultures and styles, certain animals like the lion and dragon carry auspicious power in Asian culture. Merging these two different styles elevates them to a higher level.

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AoBaVision AoBaVision AoBaVision

My artwork comes from the angle of how the West perceives the East. None of the symbols used in the art pieces, such as the "take-out box" and the "fortune cookie", exist in the East; they are products of the East's "merger" with the West

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Art4Soul Art4Soul Art4Soul

The distinction between East and West is no longer obvious. Today, there is East in the West and West in the East. In other words, they merge together.

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Ben Ho Ben Ho Ben Ho

To merge the strongest and the weakest, to highlight their contrasts and to bridge them into harmony.

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Bangkok Consumerism The merge of the habits of people from Bangkok and consumer goods and more.

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Daniel Koh Daniel Koh Daniel Koh

The media (
music, technology, television, Internet and print) has an ephemeral effect on me. I believe our genetic origins influence or affect it. This is a visceral interpretation of the depths of who we are and what we know.

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Ding Ding Ding

Each piece of art
is a mix of ordinary elements in our lives; it sparkles when two different elements are put together. Life itself is normal, you have to observe it through your own eyes.

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Little Ong Little Ong Little Ong

The artwork represents
the idea of the new Asia super mix, a visual synthesis of various cities that have inspired and amazed me. But above all, they represent the realization that all these places and things got interesting only because someone thought about and actually did something about it. So I'm putting forth a mantra for everyone, to go forth to do what they want to, which will make Asia much more interesting. And amaze somebody, like me.

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