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A degree holder in fine art in computer graphics from Pratt Institute, New York, Jon Ip has been working in various interactive agencies in New York City and Hong Kong. His work exudes his love for photography and visual design. Not limiting himself to two-dimensional graphics, he also designs T-shirts and launched his first vinyl toy concept called McDonkey in the summer of 2006

Even though he has spent half his life in New York, Hong Kong is always his home. At the end of the day he likes to unwind with music, movies (he recommends 2001 Space Odyssey and In The Mood For Love), and nice visuals.

Question & Answer

What was the thinking behind your artwork?

My artwork comes from the angle of how the West perceives the East. None of the symbols used in the art pieces, such as the "take-out box" and the "fortune cookie", exist in the East; they are products of the East's "merger" with the West.

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

It has a great influence on my photography. Children are one of the primary subjects I concentrate on. I would like to document the evolving generation of Chinese youngsters.

Why did you choose to use the particular medium you use?

My work is a combination of photography and graphics. I love these mediums, so I chose them.

Who/what are the three biggest influences on your work?

Araki, Josef Muller and Swiss design.

Which city would you most like to visit and why.

Berlin, Germany. It's exciting and full of energy, and provides a great environment for emerging artists.

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