MERGE Why Merge?

In today's world of shrinking borders and disappearing boundaries, the East and West are merging. Tiger Beer is a contemporary Asian brand and through Tiger Translate, Tiger is bringing the best of Asia to the World. With a combination of classic qualities and modern attributes, Tiger combines the best of East and West to be regarded as unmistakably World class. Artists are requested to visualise 'merge' in their modern Asian context.

Howie Tsui Howie Tsui Howie Tsui

I’m kind of bored of doing cute stuff and want to move on to the grotesque, so through my own imagination creating a complex multi-layered image. By merging 18th-century erotic Asian images into new freaky monsters.

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Jacky Lo Jacky Lo Jacky Lo

Globalization is destroying our identity. Lifestyles, habits, thinking, etc. are influenced by Western culture. We seem to have forgotten our originality. It’s time for us to remember what an Asian looks like.

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Jing Jing Jing

Tourism and immigration plays a big part in Singapore's economy, with the uneasy tension between the need to welcome expatriates and tourists, while at the same time balancing the constant fear of foreigners and the different cultural values, skills and perspectives they bring with them. The "merging" of East and West is a complicated process of different cultures co-existing within the same spaces, with each reliant on each other.

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Jaz Loh Jaz Loh Jaz Loh

Merging de-constructed daily elements through Renaissance painting expresses the thoughts and information of unexplored values, stereotypes and lifestyles.

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Merging the simplest mathematical element with design.

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Kuanth Kuanth Kuanth

A fun and playful city
is formed by merging a traditional temple and a western theme park. Inspired by Chinese paper-cutting, it is presented in a modern form and shaped together with different cultural elements to show the harmonious relationship between these cultures.

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Tian-zhuo Chen Tian-zhuo Chen Tian-zhuo Chen

The aim of my artwork is to show
how “Globalization” and “Multi-Culture” influence people’s lives and create an impact on the traditional culture. The merging can be positive or negative; it just depends on your way of thinking.

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Momorobo Momorobo Momorobo

A merger of Western influences and Asian culture in a tasteful fashion.
The pagoda-like skyscrapers show that as we move along with the rest of the world, our identity is never compromised. The speakers are how we announce to the world that we’ve arrived!

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