MERGE Why Merge?

In today's world of shrinking borders and disappearing boundaries, the East and West are merging. Tiger Beer is a contemporary Asian brand and through Tiger Translate, Tiger is bringing the best of Asia to the World. With a combination of classic qualities and modern attributes, Tiger combines the best of East and West to be regarded as unmistakably World class. Artists are requested to visualise 'merge' in their modern Asian context.

Robonut Robonut Robonut

My work consists of a lot of accidental overlapping: when a shape merges with another there will be various effects; the process of deconstruction and reconstruction is endless until something interesting happens.

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Andy Yang Andy Yang Andy Yang

Upon reading about the 'Merge' theme, television came to my mind instantly. For me, television is the most powerful medium that merges the East-West cultures.

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Stylevader Stylevader Stylevader

One of my fashion photographic works, which features a young girl who was wandering in her dream, and represents many of the elements of her own city.This artwork was the mixture of some specific graphic elements, which led to a new concept of West versus East style, plus a sense of fashion.

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Xiao Cai Shen Xiao Cai Shen Xiao Cai Shen

RADIO. I chose to submit six artworks because Asia is divided into six regions (Northern, Central, Western, Southern, Eastern and Southeastern). But each work does not represent each region. I was playing on the Asian culture elements in the sense of merging them together. Finally, I wanted to create something that can represent Asian culture.

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Zhao Xia Henry Zhao Xia Henry Zhao Xia, Henry

All creatures eventually merge into nature and unite as one. A merging of life and nature. A dead rat is lying on a piece of paper. When a life has gone, the body will return to the earth and then breed other lives.

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Kat Cheung Kat Cheung Kat Cheung

Upon reading about the 'Merge' theme
, television came to my mind instantly. For me, television is the most powerful medium that merges the East-West cultures.

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Jonathan Yuen Jonathan Yuen Jonathan Yuen

Globalization is destroying our identity
. Lifestyles, habits, thinking, etc. are influenced by Western culture. We seem to have forgotten our originality. It’s time for us to remember what an Asian looks like

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Jacky Low Jacky Low Jacky Low

Although type is
one of the most universal tools for communication, different languages avoid it to be internationally or culturally universal. Misunderstanding, confusions, quarrels, hatred, and at severe cases, war originated from language differences. Neither able, nor possible to overcome the language barrier, my typography designs were inspired by the thought of graphically unifying types of different language.

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Stephen Lau Stephen Lau Stephen Lau

Martial-artists lose their freedom when
they stick to an exclusive pattern of combat. While designers exclusively deploy certain stylistic approaches, they will become slaves to the pattern of their choice. "Choice routine" lacks versatility and will lead to creative stagnancy.

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