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The work of illustrator Anthony Chong, a.k.a. Antz, is a mishmash of cultural and urban influences that reflects his vision. He has participated in international events and projects such as Noise Singapore, the graffiti project at the Singapore Art Museum, and MTV Asia.

Antz is passionate about illustration - he does it in his spare time and never gives up on it. Citing nature and society as his inspirations, his work is "original, invigorating and uniquely refreshing. He also draws inspiration from the visuals and music videos of The Gorillaz.

To Antz, Singapore is a great city, both night and day. The morning is spiced with wet markets, tai chi sessions, the malls and the temples, while people can unwind in the clubs and pubs at the end of the day. According to Antz, Singapore is an "awesome place" with a nice mix of races and culture, a truly global city.

This bubbly and positive soul is looking forward to new challenges and opportunities to work with other illustrators.

Question & Answer

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

There's a lot! As mentioned, I like to see my own heritage blend into the urban context. For example, I look into stories and lessons I heard/learnt in my early childhood, and I reflect on them again from my current mindset and views; it's like re-looking at history through different eyes.

Why did you choose to use the particular medium you use?

There's no limit to the stuff I can play around with when I go digital (vector). The only thing that it lacks is the human touch. Therefore I challenge myself to push it to the limits on the technical front. I explore the different styles and methods I can use for various arts I have done and from there, it somehow evolves into decent stuff.

Who/what are the three biggest influences in your work?

My late grandma (she inspired me to touch upon my roots and taught me drawing when I was young), Jamie Hewlett and his band Gorillaz, and Phunkstudio.

Tell us an interesting fact about your city.

Please restrict yourself to the smoking zone if you want to eat and smoke at the same time - we actually set aside a small percentage of overall house seating for smokers, even in the coffee shops!

List five non-obvious things to do in your city.

Graffiti, chew gum, buy cheap cigarettes, smoke in a non-smoking zone and load durians into our public transport...

What's the coolest thing about Asia?

A huge range of religions, cultures and lifestyles.

If you had to do any other job, what would you choose?

Pizza delivery boy. I always dream that on one fine day, I will deliver pizzas to the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

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