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Ben Ho is a passionate pixel pusher in the creative disciplines of interactive, digital graphic design and illustration. His clients range from interior-design firms to big guns such as MTV and Nokia. Armed with no formal training, his passion nonetheless pushes his work to new heights every time he produces new stuff.

Singapore is a fast-paced playground for Ho, who likes to sleep on the train after work since he normally won't get to fully unwind at home. A self-confessed big spender, he loves to shop.

Question & Answer

Why did you choose to use your particular medium?

I started out as an interactive designer, creating and designing everything online digitally, hence it's quite an obvious choice to use the digital medium when I'm making art.

Name some emerging artists you think should get more attention.

Danny Teo , and UFHO.

Name one film you think everyone should see.

Big Fish directed by Tim Burton.

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