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Mao Wu Yue was born in Beijing in 1980. She learned about costume design in high school and majored in multimedia-art design at college. Mao is experienced in a variety of design disciplines, including illustration, fashion and fashion accessories. She does little planning for her future — on the contrary; most of her energy goes towards focusing on her day-to-day life, work and pleasure.  

Question & Answer

How would a friend spend 24 hrs in your city?

One must visit the following places: the Imperial Palace, or Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Beihai Park, the 798 Art Factory, a Houhai bar and a Sanlitun bar — and other places that embody the mix of traditional and modern culture that is today’s Beijing.

What does your city mean to you?

Beijing is the place where I was born and where I reside. Although it doesn’t provide the best environment for living, it is a place that I truly love.

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

Everything in my daily life can be the source of my inspiration.  

Which cities would you most like to visit.

Tokyo, Milan and Istanbul.

What is your favourite restaurant and why?

I care more about the taste of food rather than the brand of a restaurant. I'd like to search around the city of anything good to eat.

Where do you get the best view of your city?

A lot of places around Beijing have fantastic views. Each place is unique and it varies as the season changes.  

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