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Born in 1980, Cao Feng is an interactive and visual designer. Currently in Beijing, Cao has been exposed to a wide range of design disciplines, from websites to CD covers, through a wealth of prestigious clients from Motorola to Cover Girl. His creative talents have been recognised through numerous international design awards, including a gold at the Times Asia Pacific Awards and a silver at DMA ECHO among others.  

Question & Answer

How would a friend spend 24 hrs in your city?

Take a bus ride around the city, this will give them the most honest and real experience of it.

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

Traditional arts influence me — the essence of the craft, the hand-made; however, Chinese culture is too abundant in scope. At times, trying to absorb these influences I don’t know which to choose, the choice is far too great..  

Which city would you most like to visit and why?

Tokyo, a city of constant visual transformation, where you can stand on the street and see so many interesting people.

Who are your favourite bands/DJ's?



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