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Born and raised in the Liao Ning province, north-eastern China, designer Nod Young gave up his factory job seven years ago to pursue his dreams in the creative industry. Together with a partner, Young founded Khaki Creative & Design Inc., where he plays the role of art director. Young enjoys his work and sees it as part of his personal development in artistic style. Today, Khaki Creative interacts with clients globally.

Question & Answer

What influences does your heritage have on your work?

My heritage has a huge influence on my work. I break it down into three primary areas: architecture, stories and dialogue. Architecture helps me better understand my environment. Stories help me understand how the environment came to be. And dialogue helps me to connect with people to gain a deeper understanding of history, the present, and how people react to a place and think about life.

Why did you choose this particular medium?

It’s multi-functional, it offers more space than raw material, and most of all — it’s "ctrl+z"-able.

What are the three biggest influences on your work?
Imagination, knowledge and nature.

Which city would you most like to visit and why?
Stockholm, the most beautiful city close to the Arctic pole.

If you had to do another job, what would you choose?

Sales — which is also something that needs some serious creativity.

What's your favourite musicians/bands/DJ's.

Bob Marley, Takagi Masakatsu, Graham Coxon, Supergrass, Damien Rice.


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