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Eric Chan is a hybrid new media artist exploring the creative intersection between art and technology. A computer science graduate from Algonquin College and prospective 2008 graduate in interactive multimedia and design at Carleton University, he is currently working on several Flash-based web projects and continues to explore new forms with his illustrations.

He has held several exhibitions and has appeared in such publications as Beautiful/Decay magazine. On the technology front, he has won several Flash awards, including the Macromedia 2005 Student Innovation People’s Choice Award and FITC2006 Best Canadian Student Portfolio. Currently, he is seeking to expand his creative outlets into motion graphics, installation projects and apparel.

Question & Answer

What was the thinking behind your artwork?

Each of my pieces here represents a specific quality to the theme “Translate Your Modern Asia”. I believe that we are embarking on a “New Golden Age” due to the convergence between the East and the West.

Technological advancements, creative talent, reincarnation/new life, and aspiring to be the best you can be - these are things that represent “Gold” to me and are conveyed throughout my pieces.

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

Growing up in Ottawa, though I am of Chinese descent and value its qualities, there has always been a part of me which has felt somewhat disconnected. Through my art, I can feel more re-established and closely connected with my heritage.

Who/what are the three biggest influences in your work?

Japanese print, graffiti and music.

How could you improve the arts scene in your city?

What I would do is find an open area and set up massive installations and video screenings that promote and explore multidisciplinary art and design. I also think that setting up live installation performances would promote the arts in my city.

Which city would you most like to visit and why?

That is a hard one. I like to be anywhere that involves creativity. I have no particular place in mind. It could be Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York or London. Ultimately I would like to work and travel at the same time.

Where do you hang out (during the day and at night)?

I take refuge in coffee shops all over town with my sketch book in hand. At night, the creation begins comfortably in my room.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?

Currently I like to unwind listening to music from m-flo and DJ Hasebe very loud.

What’s the coolest thing about Asia?

It’s got to be its concept of art. I find there is a lot going for Asia and I think it is one of the prime places for creative people to be in. Because of the incredible richness of its history, it presents so many creative possibilities by converging the old with the new and back again.

Who are your top musicians / bands / DJs?

Zero7, Susumu Yokota, m-flo, Bonnie Pink, Air.


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