Rise Why Gold?

It is synonymous with wealth, power, longevity, prosperity, and aspiration. It signifies success, affluence, extravagance - the Bling factor, and confidence. It is a champion. Just like Tiger. This liquid gold has won over 50 international awards and medals for taste and quality, and richly deserves its place as a world-acclaimed beer. What is your "Gold" in modern Asia?

8e88 8e88 8e88

I have presented Thai culture by using details of adornment and decoration of our style. Gold is a very holy colour in Thai culture, representing deep faith in Buddha and the king. It is a symbol of being both materially and spiritually rich.

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jing jing Jing

Gold , part of the fallen series by Jing.

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96k 96k Liu Zheng

In my artworks "The Tiger Planet", "Gold" represents ecstasy. People here are indulgent and free-thinking, and to them, "Gold" is a tempting thought that is contagious and seductive. .

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benfrost benfrost Ben Frost

I related "Gold" to the yellow bricks of the "yellow brick road" in The Wizard of Oz. In the story, the characters of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow follow this magical road on a journey to find the Wizard, in search of the individual things that are missing from their lives. It is a story of fulfilment, dreams and hope for the future - in which the "yellow brick road" is the means of attaining these dreams.

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chalermphol chalermphol Chalermphol Harnchakkham

I wanted to represent the inner beauty of Asia which is deeply rooted in its rich tradition, heritage and religion. I tried to convey ancient Thai paintings in a more personal and contemporary style which would transcend the medium. To me, such qualities is good as gold.

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chinthyelaw chinthyelaw Law Chin Thye

The harmonized merger of Malay, Chinese and Indian in Malaysia personifies 50 years of "golden" achievements to me. Taking such golden achievements into account, I intend to create a series of work that reflects this concept. To personify harmony into this series, I translated the word “gold” into major languages and experiment on the position of each word that merges together in harmonized form.

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devante devante Devante

Gold is money, wealth, pride. In today's society, media is forcing people to believe that money can buy beauty, luxury or even love, body and soul to get happiness. I created my artwork to show what is going wrong with our culture and how materialism can control us and break our culture. I hope people can see what they have inside and acknowledge their inner beauty.

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ericchan ericchan Eric Chan

Each of my pieces here represents a specific quality to the theme “Translate Your Modern Asia”. I believe that we are embarking on a “New Golden Age” due to the convergence between the West and the East.

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funkbuilders funkbuilders FunkBuilders

Gold is a unique colour; it represents power, richness and respectful emotions for me. But these emotions sometimes lead to evil. It is because no one can resist the powerful temptations of gold. I love to be on the “Dark Side”, just like my creation, the Gold Master (the evil hero), who is inspired by the Japanese robot Golden Warrior Gold Lightan.

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huangwei huangwei Huang Wei

"Gold" is a kind of flash, a sparkling moment, just like the lights and shadows from a Polaroid, just like the imaginary element and fantasies that are reflected in my art.

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