rise Why Gold?

It is synonymous with wealth, power, longevity, prosperity, and aspiration. It signifies success, affluence, extravagance - the Bling factor, and confidence. It is a champion. Just like Tiger. This liquid gold has won over 50 international awards and medals for taste and quality, and richly deserves its place as a world-acclaimed beer. What is your "Gold" in modern Asia?

redbloc redbloc RedBloc

Rice and noodles are Asian's staple foods. In my work I moved a little further back to trace the story behind these very basic foods. I depicted the hands that toiled the land and the work they do so we have these basic foods on our table. They are treasures in every household. They are gold served in bowls of porcelain.

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reelloco reelloco ReelLoco

An umbrella turns into a flower, just as a flower can grow from a crack on the sidewalk. Life is a struggle, but when something possesses the quality of “Gold”, it rises above the rest.

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RobChiu RobChiu Rob Chiu

In Asia's vast, ever-expanding cities, nature is being taken over by concrete and technology. In my work I am envisaging the rebirth of nature in an urban environment where technology and man-made structures collide. A new form of nature is growing - reclaiming the streets and bringing harmony to a rapidly collapsing world. This is the gold we should value rather than materialistic manufactured items.

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ryungpark ryungpark Ryung Park

"Gold" means precious or valuable. In my artwork, it reflects the world's best digital technology and architectural technology of Asia, especially in Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. It is represented by interesting machineries, robots and houses. These technologies are to me the most valuable in Asian countries. Having these technologies brings us a happy life and that is the most precious thing.

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Tomaz Goh Tomaz Goh Seckon Leang

For my art piece, I drew some beer-promotion girls and cigarette sellers in gold. Before the UN elections in 1994, we had never seen such girls — that kind of job didn’t exist. These girls represent money — and gold.

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Tomaz Goh Tomaz Goh Tomaz Goh

Oil demand is huge and increasing. Industrial economies around the world remain highly dependent on oil, especially countries with its rapidly growing economy. Maturing wells are exhausted. New wells are not discovered. Oil scarcity is fast becoming a reality. Mankind carve for their immediate indulgence. Ignoring the backlashing consequences. Oil didn't come from nowhere. Like the golden beer in the bottle that everyone is carving for, nothing is infinite, we will eventually hit rock bottom very soon..

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williamchua williamchua William Chua

I’m always fascinated by traditional Asian themes. I hope my artwork will be able to create awareness in this area so that more people will come to know Asian culture. Gold has always been a prestigious colour in an Oriental context and it is also a symbol of the “Golden Age”. Hence, as I express the Golden Age through my artwork, I use gold as a theme.

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yok yok Yok

My Artwork is based on the story of King Midas, which is the classical story of what can happen if somebody aquires all he ever wished for. In the story, King Midas wished for everything he touched to turn to Gold, and later realised he was a fool when he could no longer satisfy his thirst.

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z8 z8 Sun KangHuang

“Gold” defines a profound richness. This enchanting colour makes the world rich in beauty and flavour. Gold symbolises wealth and culture, and it is the essence of what we pursue.

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zhangxia zhangxia Zhang Xia

The term “Golden Age” has been on my mind for a long time now. The word “gold” means perfection in Chinese, something we are all seeking. There is a description in the last chapter of The Bible about a golden age on earth — just like that of modern Asia. The old eastern continent is going through a boom time, both culturally and economically. So “Gold” to me represents everything I admire about the new Asia.

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