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Devante Chang is a graphic designer and artist who lives in Seoul, Korea, where he recently staged a solo exhibition. He has shown his work at a dozen or so exhibitions over the past three years and has been featured in numerous magazines and books. Chang spent half of his life in the United States, in Portland. Living in two very different countries has helped him understand about different cultures and learn to create things that can appeal to various people.

He has an undying passion for design and art and he spends his free time creating it. He gets his inspiration from everything around him. He loves travelling, playing video games and watching classic movies.

Question & Answer

What was the thinking behind your artwork?

Gold is money, wealth and pride. In today’s society, the media is forcing people to believe that money can buy beauty and luxury, or even love, body and soul to get happiness. I created my artwork to show what is going wrong with our culture and how materialism can control us and break our culture. I hope people can see what they have inside and acknowledge their inner beauty.

If a friend had 24 hours to spend in your city, how should he/she spend them?

If friend of mine comes to Seoul, I would tell him to visit In-Sa-Dong and just walk through Chung-Gae Chon. It is beautiful at night. Go to Han River and go shopping at Dong-Dae moon; it is a shopping plaza and is open almost 24 hours a day. It is impossible to browse through Seoul in such a short time.

What does your city mean to you?

Living in Seoul brings me purpose in life, helps me to become a hard worker. I have made a few friends here in Seoul, so this city is comfortable and warm to me.

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

I express what I feel and experience through my work. Having Korean heritage and living in America for a long time enabled me to create things that are neither traditionally Korean nor strongly American. My use of colour is influenced by many different cultures but the way I express them on canvas is influenced by traditional Korean art.

Who/what are the three biggest influences on your work?

My family, travel and the media.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?

Browsing through other designers’ blogs, watching American Idol, drinking soy milk and exercising.

Name one film all people must see.

Vertigo directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

If you could do any other job, what would you choose?

Professional basketball player; playing in the NBA would be nice.


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