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Preecha Israphiwat is from Bangkok, Thailand. Since he started 8e88 Graphic in 2002, he has developed it from a personal design project to an independent graphic design group, providing print, graphic design, interactive, website design and illustration services.

Preecha Israphiwat received his degree in visual communication design from Pohchang College of Arts and Crafts. 8e88 Graphic has created designs for Thailand’s Yellow Pages directory, Ayudhaya Banks, TWZ and Nissan.

Question & Answer

What was the thinking behind your artwork?

I have presented Thai culture by using details of adornment and decoration in our style. Gold is a very holy colour in Thai culture, representing deep faith in Buddha and the king. It is a symbol of being both materially and spiritually rich.

If a friend had 24 hours to spend in your city, how should he/she spend them?

In the morning he should take some time to go to the Grand Palace (Wat-Phra-Keaw), Wat-Po and Wat-Arun. In the afternoon, he can go shopping at Siam Square and Jatujak Market. For dinner, he should go to Thong-Lor (Sukhumvit) or Soi Ari, where there are many nice restaurants. For nightlife, he can get some drinks at Khao-san Road, or some pubs at RCA.

What does your city mean to you?

Thai people call Bangkok the “City of Angels”. It’s a place full of excitement. It’s a place where you can see everything; crazy traffic jams, street food, great high-rise buildings, fresh food markets, fashion and temples, all mixed into one city.

Where do you hang out (during the day and at night)?

Khao-san Road or Phra-Artit Road, where a lot of live music bars are located.

What’s the coolest thing about Asia?

Buddhist philosophy and the truth of life.

Who are your top musicians / bands / DJs?

Modern Dog and Boyd Kosiyapong (Thai musicians), Club 8, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones.

If you could do any other job, what would you choose?

Film Director.


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