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Chalermphol Harnchakkham hails from the city of Lampang, Thailand. He received his formal education in Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand. He has since worked in a new media company as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator. On the side, he is also a prolific T-shirt artist.

Question & Answer

What was the thinking behind your artwork?

I wanted to represent the inner beauty of Asia which is deeply rooted in rich tradition, heritage and religion. To me, such qualities are as good as gold. I tried to convey ancient Thai paintings in a more personal and contemporary style which would transcend the medium.

If a friend had 24 hours to spend in your city, how should he/she spend them?

The Emerald Temple is a must-see, representing both magnificent traditional architecture and the city's spiritual side. I'd also urge the person to try our multi-faceted mode of transportation for all its unique flavours.

Why did you choose to use the particular medium?

Digital is my medium of choice mainly because of the freedom and flexibility it allows. I can simply experiment with new methods and techniques at will and not be tied down to any specific studio space or equipment.

Who/what are the three biggest influences in your work?

James Jean, Kiyoshi Kuroda and Tomer Hanuka.

Which city would you most like to visit and why?

Tokyo, because they’ve got all the cool stuff! And there's always something new to discover.

Tell us an interesting fact about your city.

People stop in their tracks, drop whatever they’re doing and salute the national anthem at 6 o’clock every day!

What’s the coolest thing about Asia?

Being in touch with its own spiritual side and traditions.

What’s your favourite restaurant, and why?

PeA Japanese restaurant called Nippon Tei. That's usually where I hang out with my friends after work.

What’s your favourite open space in your city?

That would be the Benjasiri public park; it has a very nice pond, basketball court and performance space.

What’s your favourite shop, and why?

The Q-concept Store. That's where you can find all the cool toys and great designs from all over the world in one spot.


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