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Herbie Phoon is an illustrator, writer and “dedicated and lazy lecturer” at the Dasein Academy Of Art, in Kuala Lumpur. He is also the director and creative consultant for Dasein Academy Of Art, CUE Art & Design Associates and Grass Studio, where “the people are nice and the food sucks”, as he puts it.

Phoon sometimes writes in English, sometimes in Chinese; verbally confused most of the time, but conceptually fused. Phoon is currently focusing on a combination of illustration and writing. 

With a studio in the fix, a dysfunctional hard drive, a plan to steal more freedom for creativity and to travel more, Phoon has made a New Year’s resolution to make work “as fun and as laid-back as possible, to  get to know more creatively hardcore people, and read less awards books”.

Question & Answer

What's the coolest thing about Asia?

You get to see the best and worst of humanity. Life couldn’t be more real.

Who or what are the 3 biggest influences on your work?

Damien Hirst, Jun Takahashi and Tylor Durden.

Name some emerging artists you feel should get more attention?

Ben Lum of Studio Cupboard, Driv and Chris of I Do Graphics, Three from MMCMM.

Which city would you most like to visit and why?
Beijing for its lofts; Tokyo for its fashion; and Barcelona for its arts.

Name your 5 favourite bars and why they are special to you?
The Loft, Little Havana, the Reggae Bar, KL PAC and Grass — because I feel at home there.

Do you have any beliefs or superstitions other people may find crazy?

Well, I always think that strange insects that appear from nowhere are trying to tell me what’s about to happen.

Name one film eyone should see.

Dogma, it’s for everybody.

What's your favourite musicians/bands/DJ's.

Tom Yorke, Nao, DJ Anatta.


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