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Soh is a self-taught Singaporean illustrator who enjoys the immediacy of spontaneous and whimsical drawings, and often tries to challenge logic and perspective in his artwork as a response to what he regards as the overbearing systematic research and planning that goes on within society. It is the unexpected twists and surprises in drawing that gives Soh endless amusement, while he makes up random narratives along the way through the bizarre interaction among his characters. 

Question & Answer

How should a friend spend 24hrs in your city?

I’d take them to visit some HDB flats, Chinatown, Telok Ayer, Little India, the Mustafa Centre, the Esplanade, Ann Siang Hill and Haji Lane. If it’s a Sunday, I’d take them to MAAD market. And at night, we’d have a few Tiger’s at the Blu Jazz Café in Bali Lane for some live jazz.    

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

Heritage is a tricky word for me. As a Singaporean-born Chinese largely influenced by Western media, I’m re-discovering the beauty of traditional Chinese art motifs and symbols, and continually searching for this elusive “heritage” of mine by understanding what it means to be Chinese, or Singaporean. I think my heritage lies somewhere in between, and I try to inject visual influences and culture from my city and Chinese art into my work.  

Why did you choose your particular medium?

I express my drawings most quickly through pens and markers, but I also dabble in acrylics because I love the textures and different results I can achieve through mixing colours.  

Tell us an interesting fact about your city.

There are traditional Taoist ceremonies and rituals, involving spirit worship and Chinese mediums, that aren’t really publicised in the tourist brochures, which people should try to catch. They’re very fascinating .  

Favourite Bars?

I just like one bar — the Blu Jazz Café in Bali Lane. It’s cozy, with live music, and filled with great vibes.  

What is your favourite open space in your city?

Theres a place called “40 Tiang”, which means 40 lamp posts in a secluded spot at Lim Chu Kang. It is a long stretch of road, where illegal racers gather in the middle of the night to test out their latest car modifications. Racers communicate through walkie-talkies to warn each other in case of police interventions. Strangely enough, this road is just beside a very big cemetery.

Favourite Music?

There’s a funk outfit in Singapore called Pushing On, and they’re my favorite music group.

If you had to do any other job, what would you choose ?

I’d be a singer who plays the piano.

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