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ShearNation is the commercial identity of Alan Leong, who is a Singapore-based digital-media artist and technologist. Leong produces both online and offline commercial work for clients and agencies such as Nokia, Fuji Xerox and Lexus, so his experience spans web design and development to communication and interactive design. 

Being trained in programming rather than fine arts, Leong is inclined to experiment with different channels through which to express his erratic thoughts, putting them into various forms of visual art digitally. His inspiration comes from daily observations and interaction with people and objects. Although food is his motivation and fuel for creativity, he just can’t seem to put on more weight.

Question & Answer

What does your city mean to you?

It means a sense of belonging and taking ownership of whatever life has assigned you to complete.    

What influence does your heritage have on your work?

The meltdown in digital boundaries. The clash between the charm of the Far East and today’s modern cultures. In another words, the effects of globalisation.  

How could you improve the artwork in your city ?

I believe it starts from education, education and more education. Media coverage for award-worthy, prominent and emerging artists works, too. Focus less on tangible assets such as money, cars and houses. Do more on the intangibles such as culture, heritage and individual character-building. Having said that, of course the Government plays an important role in kick-starting all these, together with the support of focus groups and citizens.  

Name your favourite restaurant and why?

Hua Ting in Orchard Hotel. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. The expert chef is consistent to whip up delicious Chinese delicacies such as “Buddha jumps over the Wall” which is traditionally served to Emperors, cold crabs, raw lobsters and shark fin soup.  

Where do you get the best view of your city?

Mount Faber is the highest peak in Singapore; it’s not technically a mountain, just a small hill. There you will find a bar & restaurant which overlooks Singapore skyline. At Mount Faber, tourists can travel to the nearby Sentosa Island via cable cars .  

What is your favourite open space in your city?

Theres a place called “40 Tiang”, which means 40 lamp posts in a secluded spot at Lim Chu Kang. It is a long stretch of road, where illegal racers gather in the middle of the night to test out their latest car modifications. Racers communicate through walkie-talkies to warn each other in case of police interventions. Strangely enough, this road is just beside a very big cemetery.

Name one film everyone should see.

Singapore Dreaming. It is a film that provokes the meaning of life; and refers not only to Singaporeans, but applies equally well to what’s going on the international stage — the blind pursuit of material wellbeing.

If you had to do any other job, what would you choose ?

Architect/interior designer.

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