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Boonchai Boonnoppornkul is a Thai designer and illustrator, whose work is especially well-regarded on the local music scene. Art has always played a major role in Thai culture and Boonchai observes that Thais have been producing neat and detailed artwork for many years. 

Boonchai is currently working as the creative director in a creative group called As the creative director for the portal, Boonchai is constantly exposed to new experiences in the multimedia arena and, after seven years entrenched in the creative industry, his motto is still “Design changes the world!”

Question & Answer

How would a friend spend 24 hrs in your city?

For Bangkok, 24 hours would be too short. But in order to make the most of his/her time, I would like to arrange the itinerary into three periods of the day. In the morning, I would take them to the Royal Palace, The Temple of The Emerald Buddha and The National Museum. A lunch at Pra Artit (“The Sun”) Road would be ideal in order to marvel at the old-style lifestyle of Bangkok.

In the afternoon, I would take them for a cruise along Chao Phraya river, which is the main river running through Thailand. We would get off the boat at Nontaburi Pier and have a local-style meal there in the middle of the fresh-vegetable market. Next, we’d go shopping at the Night Bazaar for them to buy some great souvenirs. The last stop on the day’s agenda would be to enjoy the best jazz bar in Bangkok, Saxophone.

What are the 3 biggest influences on your work?

Belief, religion and a woman.  

How could you improve the art scene in your city ?

Encourage and point out the importance of having more art galleries in Bangkok.

Which city would you most like to visit and why?
Shanghai. It is the city where East meets West and I think I could get a lot of inspiration there.

Where do you hang out ?

Siam Square (the Bangkok equivalent of Harajuku) in the daytime and the Saxophone Jazz Bar at night.

Wht is your favourite restaurant & why?

My favorite restaurant is Greyhound Café. This hip fusion Thai restaurant is owned by a Greyhound which is a Thai fashion brand.

Where do you get the best view of you city?

I love going to Sanam Luang or the Royal Ground where I can have a 360-view of the old town Bangkok.

What is your favourite open space in your city?

Suan Lum Night Bazaar; not only to browse at shops and interesting stuffs, but I also enjoyed looking at people and night life.

What is your favourite shop & why?

My favorite shop is TrueLife@ThirdPlace, which is a boutique/internet café under True Group.


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