rise Why Rise?

Throughout history, Asia has been associated with the rise of invention, trade and art. Today the idea of ‘rise’ has a whole new currency. The eyes of the world are on the people of Asia as the engine of the future.

SooKim SooKim Soo K Kim

I considered positivism also fits well in the context of Rise. With dreams and hopes, life would be rich and more meaningful. People would be encouraged to rise higher, and achieve for something bigger. I drew characters that are hopeful or facing with a new challenge.

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Stephen Tirona Stephen Tirona Stephen Tirona

Growing up in Southern California , and seeing the evolution of the skate scene there, the skaters featured in these pieces are a familiar sight. What they're trying to do, creating something of their own from what is essentially a very young skate culture, brought the theme “rise” to mind.

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Symple Symple Symple

A few months ago, my mother made an interesting observation about trees in eastern and western cultures. She said that western cultures prefer tall, straight trees and this reflects their straight approach and their open lines of communication. In contrast, eastern cultures are less inclined to be direct – the lines are twisted, formed and reformed like the branches of a bonsai.

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tofer tofer Tofer

“Rise” is the imagination and embarking on a journey from one place to another. In my paintings, the thickness of the paint and my radiant color palette leads the viewer into each piece, and then in these environments you are able to make your dreams realities. My paintings are abstracting landscapes while creating fantasy environments.

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Tomaz Goh Tomaz Goh Tomaz Goh

My designs reflect the urgent need to “rise” against the threats of global deterioration of the environment. Mankind has been draining the earth’s resources mindlessly, which creates massive harmful waste. The earth is our living cradle, but it will soon be our grave if we continue to be so ignorant about it. The need to recycle is a global awareness that we cannot afford to overlook.

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wangyuwei wangyuwei Wang Yu Wei

The creative industry in China has had enormous growth for the past two years. A lot of interesting design has come out of China recently, and I feel that the general appreciation of creativity is rising. Faced with conflicts between traditional and modern ideals, and ever-growing interactions between the East and West, the need to increase the level of design appreciation becomes all the more inevitable. Visually speaking, my artworks are designs of domestic electrical appliances that are stacked up in a pile. Metaphorically speaking, they represent the “Rise” of Asia inasmuch as it affects the masses, hence the use of everyday, domestic electrical appliances.

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weestar weestar Weestar

What is behind the picture perhaps implies a kind of impact which is brought by the process of rising, the process of urbanization. High-speed urbanism does not only have a positive impact on us, but also bring negative things. In one hand, we are enjoying the convenience and comfortable life taken by modernization, in another hand it is just the modernization, inherent model, closed space and a mass of pollution that makes people escape from the city, to pursue the other live space which is more idealization.

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zhaoyuxue zhaoyuxue Zhao Yuxue

“RISE” is a development and change conducted on the basis of experience. The development reaches beyond our experience. It is some mysterious, magical and unpredictable attitudes towards the future and different individual situations. Such unknown development towards the future will create more space and possibilities. Thus, the RISE adds new experience to human being, city and life.

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zvoo zvoo Zvoo

The Great Leap Forward is my satirical treatment of the social downfall in China that has been building ever since 1955. Personal fame and fortune have gradually become the number one priority; it is disturbing to realise that in order to achieve such priorities, people will go as far as being deceitful. Of even more concern is the fact that our society approves of such ways of living by not acting against them.

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